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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 2010   Everone  Long time no Blog  but I am Back  the Photo above is of me at aged 51year old  I weighed 50 kgs   now weigh   108.3 kgs  I have lost 21.9 kgs in 2 years   and I am still chpping away at it and probably will be untill the Day I die

This Photo of Hubby and I was taken Christmas Day 2009  as you can see I still have a long way to go   but I will be happy just to be able to fit into the Clothes I have outgrown since I first became sick many years ago .
My Garden is Beautifull at the Moment .. we have had a lot of rain and water restrictions have been lifted and the Garden has just come to life .. Tomatoes  have not done well they have been attacked by Grubs and other pests Choko is doing well  snow peas were not good either  strange as in other years we have grown these Veg and Fruit with no problems ..however   Paw paw  trees were laden  abd we did not lose one to insects .

My Family are all well we have some in Brisbane and some in Tasmania  we were hopefull of takeing a trip to Tasmania in February  but anythin and everything that could break or stop working has so mabe next year I hope

ur Grandaughter in Tasmania is allmost 6 years old and Boy has she grown we really miss her very much .. This Photo is of all our Children and Grandchildren  taken over a year ago Our Grandson is missing from it  and now with 2 families in Tasmania I am thinking we will not probably get one .

I will Take some Photos of our Garden and put into the next Blog  and put in the before ones also when we started it two years ago in April .

Untill Next Time all stay safe  and May God Bless you and Yours ..   Berys