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Friday, June 25, 2010

Weight Loss is going Great

Berys One Day at a Time

Well another week has passed and after a halt in my weight loss , I have started moveing again in the downward direction ..

I am now 96.8 kgs  a loss of 400 grms this week and I am Happy with this ..I was for a while looseing over a kilo a week and while this is great I found it to be very tireing also .

Health wise ..I am doing Ok My Renal Problems stay steady though I am in stage 4 Renal Failure .. Iron Stores are Good but Heamglobins are low I am on special injections to help create red blood cells but sometimes I still manage to get under the line of where it should be .. but I am ok as long as I stand slowly from sitting  and I am still walking 4 kilometers a day and enjoying every step .

I find myself missing my Family who live in Tasmania especially Miss 6 My Youngest Grandchild ..I seem to be getting teary really easy when I think of them and that is all the Time  ..Phone Calls are so expensive so all I can do is send emails and keep watching for when they come on SKYPE.

I will be really glad when our Winter has gone   I love the sun and never feel energized if I do not see the Sun shineing .. I really feel for the People who live for Months with not hardly seeing Daylight  ..and must be continually cold .