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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas 2011 is close

Berys One Day at a Time

This year in Oh so many ways has flown by it has been a year of some huge Birthdays of a lot of sadness  with the Loss of some Family  and Our celebrations of Grandson's 21st Birthday  Grandaughters 18th  Daughter #4 40th  Birthday and Our 50 the Wedding aniversary where we could have Kevin's Sister joining in the celebrations of this after so many years  of Hubby not speaking to Her .. why do some People do this  a life time of missing My Neices and nephews grow up  get married and have children.

A lot of other things have happened this last year  that has really tested my Faith some are still on going  and as much as I try I can not turn off to all these problems .. I know that somethings will never be ok  and I am going to have to find away of just turning off to all the stress it brings .

Oh my Families who live out of state  I am really missing My Son and **Baby** of the Family  he skyped me last week and all I could do was cry  .. I am so hopeing that I will get down for a visit in 2012 I have so much support from My two middle  Daughters R & J  and quite honestly they really kept me afloat this year  .

A Great Grandchild is expected in March .. and I cry for this Grandaughter  she has had a really rough life with split up Parents  plus a hell of a lot more that She has had to deal with over her short 15 years of life  She is not having any contact with any of the Family  and as we come closer to Christmas I get more Sad about how this will all end up ..I really can not see us being allowed to have any contact with this Bub that is on the way .. and it really saddens me ):  alll I can do is Keep praying that all will be ok and things will work out  as she seems to think they will.

I know it is early but I will wish you a Merry Christmas  Mr Blog  and hope that 2012 is a better year for us all  untill next time  Smile ( :


Thursday, October 27, 2011

We did it 50 years of Married up's and downs.

Berys One Day at a Time

Well 50 years ago at this time I was a Bride of 30 Mins so young 18 years Old but oh so happy to be with the Love of My Life ... Kevin was 23 years old  and even though Kevin had been made redundent the day before we knew we would somehow manage I was nurseing at that time and wages for a nurse were not very much  .. but I do think this got us started on ways to save a Penny or two  and we walked everywhere  .. no Honeymoon  I only had the weekend off   just straight to our One Room flat with shared Toilet and Bathroom  .

Now 50 years later we have 5 Beautifull Children and 5 wonderfull Grandchildren that I am so proud of  firstly our Children have given me so much Joy  and in turn so has each and every Grandchild  .. we also have two Little Angels ( twins ) who would have been almost 49 if they had of survived .

We have been out to lunch today  and on Sunday we are Having a Family BBQ  nothing Fancy .. and will be just Kevins and My Sisters and Our Children and the Grandkids who live in Queensland  that are not working .

I am Thankfull for having these years and for my Children allowing us so much time with their Children  .. Family is my Life  .. and will be untill the day I die  ..

God willing we will be here to celebrate out 55th aniversary  .. I will as allways just take One Day at a Time  and who knows if we do we may just get to see a Great Grandchild and that would be the iceing on the Cake .

Friday, September 9, 2011

7 weeks to Our Golden Wedding anniversary

Berys One Day at a Time

Sorry Blog  it has been allmost a year since my last visit  , and so much has happened in that Time  . some things I would love to be able to just wipe out of my Memory Banks  forever ..I have been to Hell and Back this last year I have even questioned my Faith and have not been to Church for nearly a year but one can not live in the past one must move on and I think this is the Time to do it .

50 years  is a long time to live with  the Man I have allways loved  since I was 15 years old  the Man I have  allways turned to in the Good as well as the Bad times  and over the years we have had a lot to deal with some Good some Bad  but we have allways managed to get over any Hurdle that Life has thrown at us and Boy some of them were not easy to move on from  and I guess the problems that started early this year were no exception but I am still finding my way in some areas.

My Health has stayed pretty good and I am still keeping abreast of having Dialysis so this is good Hubbys  Health has also  been good all of this year so we have been blessed  and I am hopeing that next year will be the same  .

So  I am looking forward to  seeing our 50th Wedding Anniversary and celebrating it with Our Family and My Sisters  ..

So Count down is now on

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Count down begins for Our Golden Wedding Aniversary

Berys One Day at a Time

Well today the 28th October 2010 marks the 49th wedding aniversary for Kevin and Myself .. I could not let this day go with out reconizeing it .

So the count down to 50 years has started and God Willing we will see that Day

Thinking back to all those years  brings back Happy and sad times like the loss of our Twins  and the Joy of the next five of our Children .

But that is life we have the Good as well as the hard times but if I had my time over I would still marry the Man I have Loved all my life ..we were Only Young when we started dateing Me 14 Kevin 19 but I had known him for about 5 years prior to this .

We were going out today for lunch as we allways do for this special day ..but I had a massive Hypo early this Am  and it really wiped me out ..I had to go to Bed and sleep it off  leaving it to late to Go for Lunch .. so we are going now tomorrow .

On Sunday we are having a Family get together as daughter in law and Miss 6 Grandaughter are coming up for the weekend from Tasmania .. so they are coming here Sunday and all the Family will be here well except for our Son and Daughter #1 also in Tasmania .

So I really am looking forward to seeing My Grandaughter who is growing so tall and of course Our Daughter in law .

I really should come in here more often and add my dreams and thoughts  so untill next time May God Bless you all .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Hi  Blog   .. just popped in to put down some of my thoughts on life at the Moment ..

I am really tired all the time Blood work comes back showing nothing  that should be causeing this  but my Throid has not been checked for a while so Maybe that is the problem .. though in saying this my weight has dropped this week down to 95.5 kgs  with next to no exercise .. so one would rule out
Throid being the problem .

I go to Bed tired and I awaken feeling like I have never slept .. and it is driveing me insane  ..I do not like feeling so Short of Breath and being so exhausted  .. maybe I did over do it for a little while and maybe it has all caught up with me .

The other problem is My Cpap Machine I sleep on for Sleep Apeona  I have now lost in excess of 34 kgs since it was last set ..Could it be the Pressure needs dropping now ? maybe a sleep test is needed  to check this .

ummm well there is a few possibilties  there  now to put in place trying to check out  all of the above  ..and lets hope .. we come up with an answer ..I do not like feeling this way .

These Photos show  the diffrence that 34 kgs lost have made  
This one was taken in May of this year 2010  in Tasmania

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Blog I have forsaken you again  , weigh day again tomorrow and I am not sure how it will go  I have been unwell now for the last couple of weeks  and I have not been having near enough exercise but have been manageing  to eat all my Calories  plus a Binge one night of a packet of Short Bread Biscuits   yukkkk I really did not even enjoy them
It has been the first Binge I have had in about 6 months  the signs were all around me but I had let my Guard down  and Bang it had me .. I have been fine since then  but it has taught me a valuable lesson never to be to complacent about yourself and to be on the look out for the triggers that lead to a Binge .

I have done a huge clean of not just My Home but of my Sisters also .. She had major surgery last week  and is on Bed rest for a few weeks so I also did her Home for Her also  ... she has  many times helped me out so it is great to be able to return the favour .

I will Blog again tomorrow and start Blogging my weight each week maybe that may give me a little push in the right direction  my Motivation is still there I am just so dam Tired all the Time .. I am hopeing that the Renal Unit maybe able to give me some answers on Monday .. I had my Blood Tests done on Tuesday .

Untill Tomorrow Blog 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Sorry Blog I have neglected you again , so I had better update you on what is happening in my Life .

My Weight loss is going well and I am down to 95.9 kgs  makeing a total so far this year of 13.8 kgs  and an over all Loss of 34.4  kgs    so I am very happy with my Progress .

I do have a lot of loose skin  and that is Ok as long as it does get to the stage of  where it is uncomfortable it will be all Good and at my Age it is to be expected.

My Measure ments in the last week have dipped dramaticly to the degree where I really need to purchase more underwear  again ..Millers this week had a sale of last years summer weight clothes all for $5.00 a peice so I bought 2 Tops and 2X 3/8 pants all for $20.00 Bargain  .

I have purchased a new Polar4 HRM  as my old one could not be repaired it is so great to be able to see what my HR is doing all the Time and it has an alarm that goes off if it get over the BPM that the Doctors have told me to watch for  so a wonderfull and usefull tool with my Weight loss .

My Sister and I walk every Day and we do at least 3 klms and sometimes 5 klm we get along a fair click some days but others we are slower depends on how we are each feeling Sister is 70 and has really bad Arthritis in Her Feet so some days are really painfull for Her but she like myself will never give up on our self .

Untill Next Time God Bless you and Yours