Berys One Day at a Time

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Sorry Blog I have neglected you again , so I had better update you on what is happening in my Life .

My Weight loss is going well and I am down to 95.9 kgs  makeing a total so far this year of 13.8 kgs  and an over all Loss of 34.4  kgs    so I am very happy with my Progress .

I do have a lot of loose skin  and that is Ok as long as it does get to the stage of  where it is uncomfortable it will be all Good and at my Age it is to be expected.

My Measure ments in the last week have dipped dramaticly to the degree where I really need to purchase more underwear  again ..Millers this week had a sale of last years summer weight clothes all for $5.00 a peice so I bought 2 Tops and 2X 3/8 pants all for $20.00 Bargain  .

I have purchased a new Polar4 HRM  as my old one could not be repaired it is so great to be able to see what my HR is doing all the Time and it has an alarm that goes off if it get over the BPM that the Doctors have told me to watch for  so a wonderfull and usefull tool with my Weight loss .

My Sister and I walk every Day and we do at least 3 klms and sometimes 5 klm we get along a fair click some days but others we are slower depends on how we are each feeling Sister is 70 and has really bad Arthritis in Her Feet so some days are really painfull for Her but she like myself will never give up on our self .

Untill Next Time God Bless you and Yours