Berys One Day at a Time

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Well what a day  ..My Sister and I walked to Church this morning  we went to the 10 am service  and I have to say I really enjoyed being in the Home of our Father  .
It has been a long time since I have attended Mass in many years and I am not proud of this but not being able to drive anymore and being very independent  meant I did not get to a lot of places that I have allways previously been too .

My loseing 34 kgs  has made such a diffrence to my life I have a lot of my independence back   I can do things that I have not been able to do for years  like today and going to Mass .. My Sister Moving  7 mins walk from My place has just been the cherry on top of the Cake .

I am upping my Exercise as of this coming week  so I hope it will make a diffrence next week in my weight loss .

Untill next Time  May God Bless you and Yours 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another wet and Cold Day

Berys One Day at a Time

My weigh Day was yesterday and I am happy to say I lost 1.1 kgs so I am back to 97.4 kgs  I really beleive that it was all fluid anyway , but still I panic when I see those big numbers .

I would love to be down to 90 kgs by Christmas 2010 very doable provided I just keep to My Calories and Exercise .

I am as of next week upping my exercise at present I am walking 3 to 4 klms a day  sometimes a bit more .. but I need to put in a few extra burning elements  like walking up hill etc at present I only walk on flat ground most of the time .. but if I make my rout bigger then I will be able to add the element of a couple of Hills in to the equasion .

I have  an airwalker  named (Mr Squeaky) for obvious  reasons as he sure uses a lot of oil .. LOL  and I enjoy that bit of extra exercise when the weather is not kind like today  and yesterday .

I am finding as I get fitter it is harder to get my Heart Rate up so I must put myself up this extra level if I ever want to finish this Journey .

Hubby has gone to Lawn Bowls  though I think he has wasted his time  as it has started raining again here on the mainland but he has friends that he will probably pop in and see while he is on the Island .

My Dinner at night  is now Home made Minestrony Soup it is fiddly to make as I have to soak all the vegatables  for a couple of Hours  to leach out some of the pottasium  but so rewarding to eat   Hot soup is just the thing on a cool night and I make it my Main course I just have a peice of toasted Mountain Bread with it and yum and filling   I freeze them into serve sizes so easy  just to pop one in the microwave ..I should add Hubby cooks his own meals  we both eat completly diffrent foods these days and he opted to do this and I most certaintly did not say NO   it makes a bit extra washing up but Heh I am not complaining .

I have decided to return to Tasmania early next year  provided my Health is still good and if DD#2 can not get the time off work  I will Fly by myself  I feel so confindant that I can do this  it is only the steps  getting into the Plane that gives me problems my poor old Hips are just so stiff now walking is not to bad but raising my legs to go up steps etc is the biggest hurdle but the airlines kindly supply a lift  to put we oldies and disabled onto the plane .

The thought of not seeing my Children and Grandaughter down there is very upsetting to me  .. so I know I can do it .
 untill next time  May  God Bless you and yours

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Berys One Day at a Time

This is a Photo of myself (center)  with my Two Living Sisters  this is when I was probably my Highest Weight .. and at that stage was on Huge doses of  Prednisone .  My Weight then was 129.9 and I am only 5 Feet 2 inches Tall

This next Photo is me  some years before  when I was fit and well
This Photo was taken in the Family Home .
Weight Here was 50.1 Kgs
We have had many Homes since then from Donnybrook Queensland to HerveyBay, Bribie Island ,to our current and final Home in Caboolture Queensland .
we have added an extra Family Member since we Moved to our Current address  a Beautifull Schitzu Cross  our  Reason to get out of Bed of a Morning I guess  but he has given us such Love and we now wonder how  we managed to go all those years with out having Him .his Name is  " Benji "  Here I am now I still have a long way to go  but
 He has a wonderfull  nature and is much loved .
My current photo Left was taken in Tasmania  and My weight then is down to 97.4 still a long way to Go but I will  get there .
Berys One Day at a Time

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

My First Ever Flight destination Tasmania Australia

Berys One Day at a Time
The start of the trip  yep had to eat  and of course listen to my MP3 El Divo  going down
I was taken off the plane in a wheelchair  those stairs are a killer on the Planes I was much calmer then I thought I would be amazing if you want to see your Children and Grandaughter in Tasmania what you can do I really never thought I would be able to do this thanks to My Daughter I made that Trip  and had a wonderfull time  though She will tell you She is still extracting my fingernails out of her Leg LOLCross Country Race for Prep 1 Children was held while we were there of course we have photos  Here is Our Beautifull Youngest Grandaughter  Miss 6  
Miss 6 with both myself and with Her Dad  my only Son
Daughter #1 Who Paid for my Plane Ticket down
A visit to Beaconsfeild Mine  was on the agenda  after all those days of praying for those Miners I really wanted to visit the Town .
I do not know if I will ever get to go again  as My Blog says I take One Day at a Time but My Heart tells me I do not want it to be the last time I will see My Children   But God willing who Knows