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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Berys One Day at a Time

Hello World ....

As my Title says I now take life one Day at a time ...this is a new way of faceing things and life in general for me ..untill now I have had to know what is happening ...who is doing it and when ...But heh Life is to short , I am getting older I am 65 years old ..Have Heart and Renal Failure and more ..but not important ..the important thing is ..I am alive ..I am reasonably well ...I am Happy ..My Husband is the Love of my Life we have been married 48 years tomorrow 28th October and I love him as much now as I did the day we were Married ..We have Four Daughters and One Son ..and they have given us much Joy a few headaches LOL but mostly love ...they in turn have have given us Four Grandaughters and One Grandson ...they are growing up so fast ..and I have to wonder where have all the years have gone .. I know I enjoyed them and I hope the Family enjoyed them as much as I did .

Our Dream was to be Grey Nomads ..we bought our Caravan set it up started doing small trips to get the feel ...then Illness stepped in , and Travel was out of the Picture for me after the Van sitting for two years we sold it ...I was in Hospital when it went ..I was so sad .. but did not let Hubby know he was feeling the same as me so tried to cheer him ..but we have so many photos of the Beautifull places we went .

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