Berys One Day at a Time

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Friday, September 9, 2011

7 weeks to Our Golden Wedding anniversary

Berys One Day at a Time

Sorry Blog  it has been allmost a year since my last visit  , and so much has happened in that Time  . some things I would love to be able to just wipe out of my Memory Banks  forever ..I have been to Hell and Back this last year I have even questioned my Faith and have not been to Church for nearly a year but one can not live in the past one must move on and I think this is the Time to do it .

50 years  is a long time to live with  the Man I have allways loved  since I was 15 years old  the Man I have  allways turned to in the Good as well as the Bad times  and over the years we have had a lot to deal with some Good some Bad  but we have allways managed to get over any Hurdle that Life has thrown at us and Boy some of them were not easy to move on from  and I guess the problems that started early this year were no exception but I am still finding my way in some areas.

My Health has stayed pretty good and I am still keeping abreast of having Dialysis so this is good Hubbys  Health has also  been good all of this year so we have been blessed  and I am hopeing that next year will be the same  .

So  I am looking forward to  seeing our 50th Wedding Anniversary and celebrating it with Our Family and My Sisters  ..

So Count down is now on

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~lose2live~ said...

Hey there Mum :) have missed talking to you.. feel guilty about not returning to ck but felt such a failure I thought better stay out of there...

Fantastic to see a post from you by the way :)

Anyway 50 years wow, so proud of you both and again, missing you heaps.. HUGS KISSES from me and the grandkids - Toni and Michael :)