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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas 2011 is close

Berys One Day at a Time

This year in Oh so many ways has flown by it has been a year of some huge Birthdays of a lot of sadness  with the Loss of some Family  and Our celebrations of Grandson's 21st Birthday  Grandaughters 18th  Daughter #4 40th  Birthday and Our 50 the Wedding aniversary where we could have Kevin's Sister joining in the celebrations of this after so many years  of Hubby not speaking to Her .. why do some People do this  a life time of missing My Neices and nephews grow up  get married and have children.

A lot of other things have happened this last year  that has really tested my Faith some are still on going  and as much as I try I can not turn off to all these problems .. I know that somethings will never be ok  and I am going to have to find away of just turning off to all the stress it brings .

Oh my Families who live out of state  I am really missing My Son and **Baby** of the Family  he skyped me last week and all I could do was cry  .. I am so hopeing that I will get down for a visit in 2012 I have so much support from My two middle  Daughters R & J  and quite honestly they really kept me afloat this year  .

A Great Grandchild is expected in March .. and I cry for this Grandaughter  she has had a really rough life with split up Parents  plus a hell of a lot more that She has had to deal with over her short 15 years of life  She is not having any contact with any of the Family  and as we come closer to Christmas I get more Sad about how this will all end up ..I really can not see us being allowed to have any contact with this Bub that is on the way .. and it really saddens me ):  alll I can do is Keep praying that all will be ok and things will work out  as she seems to think they will.

I know it is early but I will wish you a Merry Christmas  Mr Blog  and hope that 2012 is a better year for us all  untill next time  Smile ( :


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