Berys One Day at a Time

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Hi  Blog   .. just popped in to put down some of my thoughts on life at the Moment ..

I am really tired all the time Blood work comes back showing nothing  that should be causeing this  but my Throid has not been checked for a while so Maybe that is the problem .. though in saying this my weight has dropped this week down to 95.5 kgs  with next to no exercise .. so one would rule out
Throid being the problem .

I go to Bed tired and I awaken feeling like I have never slept .. and it is driveing me insane  ..I do not like feeling so Short of Breath and being so exhausted  .. maybe I did over do it for a little while and maybe it has all caught up with me .

The other problem is My Cpap Machine I sleep on for Sleep Apeona  I have now lost in excess of 34 kgs since it was last set ..Could it be the Pressure needs dropping now ? maybe a sleep test is needed  to check this .

ummm well there is a few possibilties  there  now to put in place trying to check out  all of the above  ..and lets hope .. we come up with an answer ..I do not like feeling this way .

These Photos show  the diffrence that 34 kgs lost have made  
This one was taken in May of this year 2010  in Tasmania


~lose2live~ said...

Hi gorgeous girl :)

I hear you about the feeling so off and agree, please get it checked, either thyroid, or cpap machine could be the problem.. and / or maybe it's catching up with you too, you are always on the go my girl :)

hugs and thinking of you...


Julie said...


Thanks for your support and kind words on my blog! YOU ARE LOOKING STUNNING ... well done !!!!!!! xxx