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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wonderfull Day in My Garden

This is part of my Garden as it was ,We have had a lot of success with out Paw Paw Trees 'they were so small when this photo was taken . I will when I have finished mulching and replanting take more photos .they are arround 1300 mm tall ..I hope they will fruit in 2009.

My Garden is a work in progress 'the soil is poor and hard so I have had to try and make it a no dig Garden ..this has worked to some extent ..but it really needs to have heaps more Mulch

applied ... this is very hard work for me ..but Oh I do so love it.

The Brown netting you see was to stop the crows and Cuckoo Birds from takeing my strawberries.

A Lot of my Garden has had to be made with self watering pots .due to the water restrictions ..but I have worked out what will and wont grow well in these pots ..more photos of the updates will follow in futher Blogs.

I feel so alive in my Garden it is a lot smaller then I have ever had before ..but due to my failing health , just enough to keep me happy.

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Julie said...

absolutely beautiful :)