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Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Year Ago

Well How Fast the year has gone this Photo of Hubby and I was taken at his 70 th Birthday 2008 and in 8 days time he will celebrate his 71st
He still looks the same even same weight
I have managed to lose 14 kgs since then but still have a long way to go ..but I have to say I am feeling so much better since this photo was taken .
I am getting around better and I am doing my own housework and pottering in my Garden .
I have managed to lose this weight thanks to an online weight loss Site is not the site as much as the Forum or thread I post in the 50+kilo Group that I have joined ..I have found such friendship with these people that I now call my extended Family . I have laughed with them Cried with them and in General felt so loved by these people .. I have gone from a very frightened very lonely person who was virtually house bound except for my many Hospital stays with my Heart and Renal Failure to a happy Getting Older by the Day but contented Person who now when feeling down knows she win this battle with her weight with the help and support of her Group . I have acheived something ..I have made Friends who mean the world to me and with there support ..I feel strong .
I do not mean to imply that my Husband and Children do not give me support and love of course they do ..BUT ..they have their own families to attend to work to go too ..I remember how hard this was for me when they were growing up not easy being a working Mum and most of my family are single parent and this must be really hard ..and I applaud them for what they are doing ..but I will not burden them with my trivially day to day problems .
I am enjoying my life in every way I can and I am Happy and I hope I am still arround when Hubby turns 72 in 2010.


Julie said...

glad to hear the changes in attitudes and feelings over the last year, Berys ... we love having you in our group :)

Looking forward to an updated piccy (you & him in same pose) on his 71st birthday (but don't forget to record the piece of cake!).

Gwennie said...

Hey Berys, I went back to the zoo today and had a shot with a snake. It's been exactly one year since that first pic with snake was taken and I wanted to see the difference! Amazing! The weight has been dribbling off then coming back on, then off, then on.... So I didn't feel really that different, until I saw the pic - wow have I changed. Its really good to look back and see where you've come from. But the most benefit is how you feel within yourself as you've mentioned all the other benefits other than just weight and looking good, it's also about "feeling" good. Keep up the great work! Love talking to you and hearing from you in blogs, forums etc. Luv Gwen xoxoxoxox