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Monday, January 26, 2009

Have missed a couple of weeks

Well this is me taken at the 50 year reunion of my School taken in year 2000.. I was perfect weight perfect health and did not have a worry in the world .

Then we moved to Hervey Bay Queensland Hubbys Dream a little further north as was his catch cry in those day we bought a beautifull 3 bedroom villa in an over 50's Village and we loved the place Days were so full Mornings saw me walking right along the Bay and back aprox 2 Hr walk then water arobics followed by Tai Chi and then the usual chores of housework and garden and most days another walk in the evening was so full then of course I missed my Children and Grandchildren but usually one or more of them would visit at least a month for the weekend.

Unfortunatly life did not stay like this for too long by mid 2001 I had become unwell after 2 lots of surgery in 2002 our Doctor suggested maybe we should move back to Brisbane as we were having to see Doctors in Brisbane weekly .

We put our Home on the Market packed up and moved to a rental in Bribie Island .. a Beautifull place ..

So now we are at last settled ..I am feeling Okish I once again have a beautifull Garden small but I love it ..

I find the Days long now I do not do the things I used to do ..Time and Tide has slowed me down but I do try and enjoy my life to the fullest within my scope and with the Grace of God I will get to see a few Springs in the Garden I so Love .

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Julie said...

it's nice to take pleasure in the things around ... i'm looking forward to seeing some piccys of your garden in spring.