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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Son..My Baby..even though he will be 35 years old on the 23rd of this Month he will allways be my Youngest and only Son.

My Son and His Family are coming for Dinner tonight ... Son was to leave Sunday to Start his new Job in Tasmania this was to be our little get together before he leaves ..How ever his New Position has been put back another week we will have him in Queensland a little longer LOL

I think all Mothers can relate to their Youngest leaving the nest .. well Going to Tasmania is a bit more then that ..but I know he will be very happy doing the work he has allways wanted to do ..He will of course miss his Wife and Daughter ..untill they can join him later this year.

My Emotions are running wild at the moment . I do not know how much we will get to visit with them ..Tasmania is a long way from Queensland but we do how ever have a great web cam and speaker seeing them and chatting will not be a problem ..I used to do this with , what was our youngest Grandaughter when we lived in Hervey Bay ..we sang songs told stories looked at her Kindy paintings and we really are still very close now and Miss 4 is allready looking forward to chatting with Daddy when he leaves ..( and Oh how she can Chat )

Time moves on and so must we.


Lyn said...

Hey, Berys!

Sorry you're feeling sad about your son and family moving so far away. The web cam sounds like a great thing for keeping in touch, though.

{{{hugs}}} Lyn.

Gwennie said...

Hey Berys, Like I said on CK, I know how you feel. Isnt technology wonderful though? At least we can still keep in contact with our family and friends and web cam is fantastic. I know when we left Canberra, my youngest was devastated to leave all her friends, but we got her a Web Cam and she was able to keep in touch, it made the move so much easier. Luv xoxoxox Gwen