Berys One Day at a Time

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Berys One Day at a Time

Still on Tasmania  .and other Ramblings .

This is DD#1 and My self  I spent my Days with Her and My Nights with My Son I was so pleased to see them all and I must say the time went all to quickly .

I have to add The Bird Life in Tasmania we were hopeing to see a Wren  but we pretty well saw just sparows look closly at the Bush  Shrub Tree well what ever it is  and see if you can see a Wren in the tree .
The shame DD#2 could and was photographing away so happy that she had found me a Wren ..yep Folks it is just dead leaves so when we found the little dead sparrow   we just had to have him remembered  and Honoured in some way and I am seriously considering weather to Drive with  said DD again I really think she needs new contact lenses ..LOL

One of My Sisters was having her 70th Birthday  while we were in Tasmania and we were so hopeing to get a Photo of a Wren for her ..our Maden Name was Wren but spelt will two n's

 Birthday Girl Sister is the one on the left  and looks younger then us all this Photo was taken about 5 years ago at our Grandaughters Christning .

Here is The Little Miss herself with Mummy eating her peice of Cake  such a beautifull child in every way .
They are My Other Family in Tasmania  and Little Miss is yes you guessed it Miss 6

How these Kids have grown Grandson is almost 20 Oldest Grandaughter is 17 next month and then we have the  three younger Grandaughters  aged now  14  12  and 6   years old
I must get some updated Photos of them all
They and My Children and My Husband are my Life and each Day I thank God for allowing me this time on Earth with them all .

Untill next time  May God Bless you and Yours 

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